April 23, 2014
"If you do not love what you do, if you are not appropriately grateful for the chance to create something magical each time you sit down at the computer or with a pencil and paper in hand, somewhere along the way your writing will betray you."

— Terry Brooks (via writingquotes)

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April 23, 2014
I’m confused



Today I read that “Fat Acceptance” is a civil rights movement? I understand that it’s really great for everyone to feel good about themselves and have good self-esteem but this does not mean that people should accept the fact that they’re obese and not do anything about it.

Don’t these people want to live long healthy lives? Not lives with hypertension, high cholesterol, and risks of stroke and heart attack? Oh and don’t forget about diabetes.

Americans are living off medication to control their blood pressure and cholesterol every day so that they lower their risks of CVD. That is no way to live. To call “fat acceptance” a civil rights movement just like marriage equality and equality for Blacks is just plain wrong.

Childhood obesity is becoming more and more of a problem.. to tell kids it’s okay to be like this is not right. We must teach our children healthy nutrition and physically active lifestyle.

“Research documents that fatter people face discrimination in employment (including lower wages), barriers in education, biased attitudes and lower quality of care from health professionals, stereotypes in the media, stigma in interpersonal relationships, and, overall, are judged negatively and treated with less respect. “

"Examples include being denied a job promotion or fired from a job because of one’s weight; being denied certain medical procedures or provided inferior medical care because of one’s weight; or being denied a scholarship, a bank loan or prevented from renting or buying a home because of one’s weight.”

“Even physicians specializing in the treatment of obesity harbor significant weight biases, according to more recent studies. The problem has been well documented among other types of health professionals, nurses in particular. At least 11 studies focusing on nurses’ attitudes toward overweight and obese patients have been published. They consistently show that many nurses harbor negative biases toward these patients and, in some cases, would prefer not to care for them or even touch them.”

“Overweight individuals don’t just find themselves at a disadvantage when applying to grad school. Research has shown that people with high BMIs are less likely to get hired and more likely to have their potential for career success and leadership judged poorly.

Also no one cares about your “BUT FAT IS BAD FOR YOU” speech because it’s something we hear every single day of our existence. You’re not saying anything helpful, revolutionary or necessary. 

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April 23, 2014
Help Three QTPOC Fatties get to the AMC!







Dear community of friends, family, and supporters.

We are three queer fatties of color and this will be our first time attending the Allied Media Conference. We really need your support getting there! 

The Allied Media Conference is in Detroit, Michigan June 19th-22nd. Our workshop was accepted and we are excited to present as part of theAbundant Bodies track! We have not been in any way able to afford this conference in the past and it’s prevented us from even applying but this year we took a leap of faith and submitted a workshop proposal. Now that we have been accepted we want to make sure this dream opportunity becomes a reality.

The cost for the three of us to attend is pretty immense, especially considering our limited and different economic resources. We anticipated being able to cover a portion of the cost but we will need your help to get all three of us there. We hope that our vibrant community of fatties, QTPOC, friends and family will help us make this trip possible. 

We need help covering the following costs:

Plane tickets $1800 (flights from Portland to Detroit are ~650 and flights from Salt Lake City are ~$550)
Housing $500 (we found an airbnb across the street from the university that would allow us to room together and cook meals to save money)
Transportation/taxis $100
Registration $150 (we were awarded an additional $150 from AMC to use towards registration but we would like to contribute more to the conference beyond that amount)

Trip Total 2550 + ~150 for indiegogo fees

Grand total 2700

Anything we raise here above and beyond this amount will go towards food and supplies for our workshop and our rewards offered here. 

If you can’t donate (and we totally understand that many folks won’t be able to), we hope that you will still support us by spreading the word or consider donating items/skills that we can add to our rewards offered.

We do this work to leave evidence of ourselves, those of us who are simultaneously unseen and hypervisible in our queer, fat, brown bodies. Please help us in doing this work!

Thank you! 

Cory, Jess, and Esther 

(read more about us and our workshop at the link!)

Check out our workshop description!

DANGER! Excessive Consumption of Selfies

What makes our fat self-representation consumable? We’ll look at the ways we make our own images and why we create these images, why they’re valuable, subversive and how they can reinforce the same oppressive systems we resist. We aim to build connection and community for fat folks IRL, online and build our media presence. We’ll identify the components of desirability that influences and control how our fat bodies are consumed and produce selfies documenting our exploration into fat self-imagery

You know you wanna help us get to the AMC! Please donate or reblog:)

We’ve almost hit $500! That’s nearly the price of one plane ticket! Please keep sharing and donating, if you can. 

Means the world to me to see all the support you’ve all offered already. Thank you!

community showing up, feels amazing! please help by continuing to signal boost and or donate!

We’re so so close to that first plane ticket—about $50 and we can buy it! If you haven’t already please reblog and spread the word, and if you’re considering donating, did you know we have rewards/perks if you do? From selfie postcards to personal serenades to jam to zines! 

Thank you so much to all you who have already reblogged and donated, especially to those of you from the fat activist community. It’s really powerful to see community support in action. 

We love these three brilliant, rad, gorgeous fatties! Please help them get to Detroit in June if you can!

April 23, 2014
"The war on obesity may be as much or more about weight stigmatization as it is about a concern for health but beyond this, the war on obesity may be fueling the BED patient to binge and weight cycle. How can this be considered healthful?"

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, FAED, CEDS (via never-fr0wn)

It’s never considered full stop. Which suggests that like other social “wars” it is not really about what it claims to be about.

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April 23, 2014
"To say, “I was triggered” is not to say, as it is frequently mischaracterized, “I got my delicate fee-fees hurt.” It is to say, “I had a significantly mood-altering experience of anxiety.” Someone who is triggered may experience anything from a brief moment of dizziness, to a shortness of breath and a racing pulse, to a full-blown panic attack. Speaking about trigger warnings as though they exist for the purposes of indulging fragile sensibilities fundamentally misses their purpose: To mitigate harm."

Shakesville: Triggered (via garlic-knot)

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April 23, 2014
Student: I sprained my finger and can't play gym.
Teacher: okay.
Student: I have an anxiety disorder and can't do my speech in front of the class.
Teacher: Everybody gets nervous. Get up there.
April 23, 2014
An Introduction!


Hello you beautiful people, my name is Jessica and I’m the main mod for Fat and Fine On A Dime!

A couple of things I’d like to say:

  1. This is a blog dedicated to living a life of being fat and cheap. What I mean by this is, a lot of people who are fat don’t have the resources or the support to…

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April 22, 2014
"In the iconography of the Black male sexuality compulsive-obsessive fucking is represented as a form of power when in actuality, it is an indication of extreme powerlessness."

Bell Hooks, “We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity” (via memoriasconsazon)

^such a good book!

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April 22, 2014
To all my recent followers I haven’t greeted



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April 22, 2014
"People always tell you, ‘Be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!"

— Kanye West, American Mozart  (via scumburg)

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